R.M. Garino has been writing for most of his life. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with what The Story is, how it functions, its hidden depths, and the different masks it wears.

He is known for writing crisp, character driven fiction that reads like viewing a film. His world creation is vast and far reaching, yet his prose is organic and devoid of informational dumps. The characters are real, believable, and inspire both affection and compassion in the reader.

Garino has a Master's in Literature and lives in the mountains of the east coast with his wife, three children, and all the characters still waiting their turn to speak. He is an avid brewer of beer and strong coffee, a voracious reader, an aficionado of fine cigars and single malt scotch, and is not nearly as obsessed with video games as his wife believes him to be. 


How now, folks. I'm R.M. Garino, the author of the Chaos of Souls Series. Ever wish you could bring your D&D characters to life? Well, that’s exactly what we did. Although the overarching story of angels and demons is much older, our two main characters were fleshed out from a D&D game my wife and I played with friends ages ago. They're introduced, along with their misfit squads, in The Gates of Golorath, and their adventures continue throughout the series. We've also released a standalone series, the Chaos of Souls Novellas, which capture separate side stories that enrich the main series. Requiem's Reach is the first volume, and we continue from there. If you're looking for a thoughtful, somewhat irreverent fantasy that puts the stories and character first, then come on over and give us a read.


Oh and if you'd like to know the story about how Chaos of Souls came to be, then read more here



We love our readers! (I say "we" a lot, because my wife is a huge part of creating the world.  She helps guide my writing, editing and creation process. The entire world is born of our conversations of "what if's" and "hey, how about's" these past twenty odd years.)


We do giveaways often, we want to know what you guys think and want to see more of. We listened when you asked for more about Logan in the Sur, his novella is out now! If you have a favorite character that went through some traumatizing business and you want more ... you need but ask. If it makes sense to write that story, then gosh darn it we will!

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