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Angels Update

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Hey All. Welcome.

So, book 2 of Chaos of Souls Series, Angels of Perdition is still in the first stage of production. To give you an estimate, Gates consisted of just over 163,000 words. As of this morning, Angels stands at 123,855 words, leaving just an iddy biddy 39,000 words left to put to paper. I’ve been writing in arcs: first Logan and the cohort of Yearlings in the Sur – thought I’d forget about that? What? It’s awesome! Wait till you read it.

The second arc was Angus and Arielle, which I’m working on now. Don’t worry, the arcs will get shuffled into their final positions in the book later on in the process. This is just the order I wrote them. I’m looking for the draft to be completed by the end of March.

Next step is off to the editor at the end of April, so we’re looking at late spring as our release date. Once Angels is out of my hands, I’ll be turning my attentions to two smaller projects. a Chaos of Souls series novella, and the first installment of the Protectorate of the New Apocalypse series.

The Chaos of Souls novella is about the E’ine and how they rediscovered the Patresilen, created the great tree Reven Marthal, and crafted the Gates of Golorath. Set against the backdrop of the Apostate’s War, I’m taking the reader back in time to when Thenaria was young and Lilly was still alive. I’m expecting this book to be released (still working on the final title) mid to late summer, as it only needs a cover and a final polish. Consider it a bit of backstory on characters you’re going to meet in Angels of Perdition.

The first book in the Protectorate of the New Apocalypse series is currently about halfway through the first draft, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it. I’m planning on it being a much shorter book than any of the full length Chaos books, probably around 50,000 to 80,000 words. So, if I can refrain from being long winded, we’ll see its release in time for the winter.

That’s all for now.

All the Best,

R.M. Garino

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