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Book Two Update

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Hey all,

So, I’m chugging along with Angels of Perdition, filling in the missing parts at the beginning and in a way, starting the story. Most people I talk to look at me strange when I make a statement like that; the common assumption is that a book is written the way that it is read. Unfortunately, it is not. I actually wrote the middle part first, then went forward and wrote most of the end, and then worked on the beginning.

Believe it or not, the first quarter of the story has been the hardest to write. It might be a strange way to approach a novel, but it works for me. I like being able to jump around, tightening connections, adding in layers, and all around deepening the story. Think of it as impressionistic painting using trampolines and springboards. Quite messy really. Anyway, we’re still on track to meet the April deadline, so things are moving apace.

We’ve recently updated all of the House crests on the website, and they look amazing. Think it’s time for some tattoos, they look so good. We’ve also updated several of the character portraits as well, so stop on by for a quick peek at what’s changed. Oh yea, we’re expecting a book trailer any day, but we’ll wait until the Angels of Perdition preorder period to release it. I guess it was kind of mean to mention it, and then dangle a release date that’s still a few months away.

In the meantime, I’m keeping myself sane through all the snowstorms by keeping busy. I’m really into making stuff. Not just novels, but all kinds of stuff. I brew my own beer, cider, limoncello, mead, and am looking forward to my first foray into wine this summer. The dream is to start distilling my own spirits, but that is way more regulated than home brewing, so it might be a while. But, this week it is finally time to start sampling some of the batches I put up last year. This is the fun part; a little booze, a cigar, and a novel to finish. Woo hoo! Sounds like a good time.

Time to get workin’.

That’s all for now.


R.M. Garino

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