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SPFBO 5 2019

GUYS! We made it as a finalist for the cover art portion in the contest! 

Oh yeah! We entered into this years SPFBO 5! 

It is such an honor to be amongst these authors and I have never experienced such genuine camaraderie and fanship that surrounds this contest.

Go check out these authors. Some are on the NY Times and USA Today Bestseller lists. 

Audiobook Coming Soon!

As of March 9th 2019, The Gates of Golorath Audiobook is currently under production!


We found a young adult voice to narrate this book as we felt that it fit with the characters at this stage of the story.


He's really done a fantastic job making this come to life. We felt really bad for him at first, having to learn all of the new terminology and language that a Fantasy Fiction usually has, but he's nailed it.

He contacted us at one point to let us know of a part in the story that had him dying with laughter. He had to redo the take over 5 times to get it right. He loved it and that made our day for sure. 


Look for the finished product sometime late June, early July! 

As of April 25th 2019, Requiem's Reach Audiobook is currently under production!

This book is much darker than the main series so far and so we needed to find a narrator who could nail the drama in this story. We believe we have found him.

Again, the learning process of terms was a little hindering but this guy has pulled through! The way he nails these characters voices is scary. It's like he is them! 

Look for this guy late July, early August. 

Audiobook Coming


The Gate of Fang and Thorn is Volume II in the Novella Series and is still being edited.


We added in a twist at the end that needed to be blended with the rest of the storyline, so that's making it take a bit longer. 

But don't despair! The end is in sight! 

This ones for all of you that seem to have fallen for Logan. You wanted to know more about his trials in the Sur and how he got out and heck, I don't blame you. This has been really insightful to Logan's character and I've learned so much about him by writing this book. 

Like the other books in the Novells Series, it expands and enriches the world of Chaos. 

Look for this guy in August.

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