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I am author R.M. Garino, I write mostly Fantasy Fiction, and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, but dabble here and there in other genres.


The title of my flagship series, Chaos of Souls, refers to the fractured state of the Lethen'al, the fallen angels of Heaven. As punishment for their sins, their original souls were shattered, mixed up, and reassembled with others, forming new beings from the old. This is their ordeal. Never to be complete, never to be whole, but to always posess an elusive glimpse of what they once were. (Read full prologue here) Books one and two, The Gates of Golorath, and Angels of Perdition are out now. Book three, The Gathering of the Blades is being cast in my computerized cauldron; my magic ingredients consist primarily of coffee, booze, cigars and good music. It should be out before the end of this year.


The Novella series takes place within the same universe as Chaos of Souls, but it tells the side stories of some of our characters. The first Volume, Requiem's Reach, shows the birth of the Gates of Golorath. It is dark - really dark - and filled with action. Volume II, The Gate of Fang and Thorn, is a heroes quest featuring an antagonist from the main series. Every novella can be read alone or as an insightful companion to the main series.


My Post-Apocalyptic fiction, The Protectorate Series deals with the end of the world as triggered by nanotechnology. The survivors of society's collapse defy the fall and the dark ages that follow, holding to the knowledge they preserve. I haven't been able to devote much time to this project yet, but I set a goal to publish it in the spring of 2020.


If you are new to these worlds, hello and welcome. I hope you will find a place amongst our numbers. If you already stepped through the Gates, then welcome back. I hope you will find those things to enrich the experience. The Chaos of Souls universe is unlike anything you have encountered before. I wrote this with you, the reader, in mind. I hate nothing more than endless narrative; makes me want to throw a book into the fire - not that I would ever do such a thing *shudder*. My books will show you the story through the character's perspective. I want your experience in my world to be completely immersive. I give a little backstory on how the series started here


I want you to fall in love with my Epic Fantasy, Chaos of Souls and hope that you'll give the universe a peek. Start with my free short story, Initiating Angels, to dip your feet into the world. It is available on multiple platforms. There are many bonus content items to view while you're here, so click away and have fun poking around! Meet the characters, check out the maps, read some excerpts, but just wipe your bloody feet!


Enjoy your stay.

Once more, boots in the blood!

The Main Series

These are the old school, epic fantasy novels you can build biceps with. Over 600 pages of magic that will make you laugh, cry and  really become invested in a crazy group of new friends.




The Standalone
Novella Series

These books are smaller than the main series and are meant to fill out and enrich the world of Chaos. These are solid stand-alones. However, when combined with the main series, these tales will really knock your socks off.


A Chaos of Souls Free Short Story

The Steampunk Anthology

Of Steel & Steam Cover.jpg

Love inventions, gadgets, and all things Victorian? This limited time anthology is just for you! With more than 700 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be powered by steam, clockwork, hydraulics and gyroscopic action. With no more fear of harming the environment, our heroes can battle their villains in a world of fantastic flights of science and fantasy.

9 Authors! 

This is available in this format for a limited time. Preorder price is ¢99 and will will elevate to $2.99. 

This is my cover for the anthology, of Steel & Steam. By end of 2020, this story will be available as #3 in my novella series above.

Now let me tell you a bit about my story in this anthology, For King and Country ...


This one is an awesome combination: a fantasy-steampunk novel. Settle in and get ready for a tale full of airships, waring armies, magic and ghosts.

Robert Raen’dalle is the youngest son of a Patheran’s most powerful noble family. Originally trained as a Sharikeen mage, he ran away from the Temples and joined the King’s air fleet, only to find himself with a crew of Temple castoffs. Now, as a Lieutenant on board the H.M. Dreadnaut, he commands the battlecruiser’s cycling cannon crews, which use the spirits of the dead as weapons of destruction. With their nation at war, and defeat looming on the horizon, his Captain, Solara Stockbridge, sets down at the northern border post of Sharil’s Forde for repairs. Robert and the crew are caught in the middle of a surprise assault that could determine the outcome of the war and change the course of history.

I know you’ve all been waiting to see what’s on the other side of the Gates of Golorath, so here you go. Welcome to the human lands. Here, Tarek the Apostate, is worshiped as a god, and the Lethen’al are regarded as demons from ancient mythology. This is the Quain, the world the Lethen’al escaped from during the Apostate’s War (see the novella, Requiem’s Reach). A world where the souls of the dead power the steam driven machines, and the shadows kill.


This is only a sampling of what awaits the Lethen’al when they return.

Front book - For King and Country.jpg


"This is a fast paced, wholly unique take on the fallen angel genre and the creation of man. The world building is incredible."

— JB

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