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Maybe you're interested in the intense action as one of the military Blades in the Areth'kon.

Maybe the life of a scholarly Magi, who walks the halls of the Great Tree in Reven Marthal is more appealing.

Perhaps you're tormented and dark, wishing for revenge; you'll find yourself drawn to the allure of the powerful Lo'ademn. Whatever your preference, you'll find your place in this magical world and carry it with you always.


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What is this book like?

We let the characters tell the story. That means we'd rather show you what's going on through actions and dialogue, rather than making you slough through a ton of narrative. You’ll be able to fall into the world seamlessly. It’s like Harry Potter and his friends went to military school, but instead of dealing with wizards, it’s angels and demons. Well, our version of them at least. We call them Aesari and Lo’ademn here. We have Houses here too, but it’s modeled after the Noble houses of feudal Europe, and not a school House, more akin to Game of Thrones. The Gates of Golorath has overarching storylines that span further than this first book, which to me, is what makes it an epic fantasy.

The prologue starts you in the present day, telling the tale of the Elder. He is connected to a powerful temple in which he uses to help fuel the story.  If you skip this part, the rest of the story won't make much sense, so READ THE PROLOGUE! 


Book Blurb:

30 days until the Feast of Night.  

30 days until the bloodthirsty shrulks devour the land.

30 days until he sees her again …  


What would you do if part of your soul were torn away?  


There are consequences for all actions. A faction of angels spurned the will of Heaven, and they were destroyed. Their souls were split into millions of insignificant fragments the moment they crossed over into creation. Their spirits mixed with physical matter and they were reborn. No longer were they Aesari. They are now the Lethen’al, the fallen.

The Lo'ademn are a faction of angels that seek out their brethren, the Lethen’al. By the grace of the Creator, they still retain their angelic abilities and have not been shattered. Now trapped for millennia, they are determined to destroy the Lethen'al and bring their soul fragments back to Heaven.

In their way stand the Blademasters of the Areth'kon, and the magic of the Magi.

A divine prophecy unites two children of these lines. They were ripped apart to keep that secret safe, but secrets never stay hidden. Their names are Angus and Arielle, and they live behind the Gates of Golorath, a portal that separates the human realm from their own. Angus and Arielle are reunited when their squads come together for training at the Gates.

As these two heroes are drawn closer, their true souls are exposed, and a prophecy is revealed.   This revelation creates chaos amongst the Lethen’al, reshaping their destiny and hopes. Can their people really return home, or are they doomed to replay history in a never ending cycle?   


Grab your copy now and discover what readers call, "An epic fantasy that combines military and magical elements, filled with an incredible cast and immersive world building.” “This story is a perfect blend of action, romance, humor and heart.”

Inspiration behind this book:

This book has been in the making for decades. I believe I was a preteen when the first ideas began blooming for this story. It has morphed quite a bit since then and even more, once I met my wife, Dorothy. The inspiration for the two main characters are from our D&D playing days. Yes, we’re DORKS! We made those characters and wanted them to live another life outside of the game play, so we incorporated them into the story. It helped change what was already here, and added the angelic elements.

Random ramblings:

This book starts off with a prologue so you can learn about the world. I suggest you begin with that instead of jumping into the first chapter. It’s a new world after all and you’ll need all the tidbits. There is also a glossary at the back of each book for easy reference.

To read the first few chapters of Gates, click here.










What is this book like?

Same world, and it picks up only minutes after the end of The Gates of Golorath. This time though, you know the language, the world, and the characters. It's like you’re settling in to catch up with old friends. What you learn here enriches the first book tremendously. This book deepens all of the plot lines and characters. One of the things we're noticing is that the book reviews all reference how much the readers love the characters, and refer to them by name: we just love that!

Book Blurb:

Prophecy. Vanishings. Murder.


The Soul Chamber hungers for blood.


One of the squads own has disappeared, and many more have gone missing from the village of Andover.

Some blame the reclusive E’ine.


Against protocol, the Immortals reach the lost city of Raqui looking to rescue the victims.


Angus and Arielle, now unified, are more powerful than imagined; perhaps too powerful.


The prophecy foretold long ago plays out in a magical storm of chaos and blood.


The terrible price is more than any of them can bear.

Inspiration behind this book:

We wanted to write about our ideal group of friends and how they can become family. This group who start off as rivals, grow into a tight knit family unit. We think that’s a beautiful thing and we wanted to show these relationships. They are after all, the heart of the story.

Random ramblings:

Angels was actually written after Requiem’s Reach. This book stumped me for a while. See below for more details. The third book in the main series will be out late 2019 and is titled, “The Gathering of the Blades”.

To read the first few chapters of Angels, click here.



What is this book like?

So we decided to enrich the main series with some stand alone novellas that take place within the same world as Chaos. All of the novellas can be read on their own without having read any book from the main series.

This is technically a prequel, but we'll called it Volume I. This book brings you into the world during the Apostate's War, and before the creation of The Gates. It tells of the desperate lengths the E'ine will go to survive. It also reveals the mindset of these characters, and their need to create those gates. Every stand-alone novella will only enrich the main story further.

Book Blurb: 

The demons are hunting and the city of angels is under siege.


Malachite believes he has found the location of the fabled lost city of Raqui. It exists only as shards of mythology, relegated to mad ravings in obscure texts. But he believes this is the safe haven his people seek.


He recruits a small company for the expedition, but death hides amongst their numbers. Now, they must survive the fall of their homeland and destroy the Lo’ademn, to align the two realms and open the Gates of Golorath.

This stand alone novella is a must have companion to the Chaos of Souls Series. Incorporating characters from the main story, this book will enrich and deepen your love for this epic fantasy world.

Inspiration behind this book:

So I wrote this with the need to understand the second book. This was actually written before Angels in order for me to get in the head space of the E’ine (the parents of the Lethen’al). It evolved into it’s own story and I understood how The Gates were formed.


Random ramblings:

If you want to read more about a certain character, LET US KNOW! We do listen, hahaha. That’s what we did with Logan and his time within the Sur. He was one of our most asked about characters. You guys wanted to know more about his journey and so we wrote it! That novella will be out mid-year and is titled, “The Gate of Fang and Thorn”.

To read the first few chapters of Requiem, click here. 

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