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Hey there and welcome!

So I'll keep this as short as possible.

Ok here we go... we send out a newsletter we like to call "Dispatch From The Gates." 

It's usually sent out the beginning of each month but sometimes we send one twice a month. It depends on how much stuff has been going on and what really great offers we might have for you guys at the time. 

We also feature other authors we think you guys might like to discover and they are usually on sale. Woohoo!


There is  a monthly giveaway of one ebook. It could be any fantasy fiction or it's sub genres. 

And there are updates on our progress with the series. We let you know how far along we are with the next book and things we might be branching out on like audiobooks or writing upside down (<- j/k), for example. 

We'll be offering a free ebook soon! It's a short story about the characters from our Chaos of Souls main series. And its still in the works.

We value our fans and readers. We are honored to have you on this journey and thanks for spending some time with us! 

You can sign up below! 

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