The Characters of Chaos

The Characters of The Chaos of Souls Series by R.M. Garino

The characters in Chaos of Souls are not based on ‘real’ people. Rather, each is a voice that exists only within the nebulous ramblings of my mind. Listening to them and letting them tell their story is, for me, the intriguing part about writing, and it saves me from paying exorbitant therapist bills. At its most basic level, it makes writing an exercise in discovery; finding out what each character has to say, what tale they have to tell. 

The exceptions are Angus and Arielle who were both made during role playing for D & D, but still, they aren't from actual living people. 

arielle_sketch_3 (1).jpg

My name is Arielle Rhen’val. I fight to survive and thrive here at the Gates. Some of the other cadets think my being granddaughter to the Commandant grants me privilege.


They say my ex’s renowned reputation as the best swordsman ever known, protects me from harm.


They taunt me about my family’s status, saying it will elevate me to the next stages of my education without me lifting a finger.


They don’t know me. They don’t know that I will do whatever it takes to succeed.


I will thrash them and I will outsmart them all. I will break their bones and heal them, so that they can endure more of my punishment. I will show them things they’ve never seen before.


They will come to know me. I am Arielle Rhen’val and I hide under no ones shadow.

My name is Logan Fel'Mekrin. I am the heir to House Fel'Mekrin and the greatest swordsman the Areth'kon has ever produced.

Magic does not touch me, and yet what I touch reveals the clairvoyant images others leave behind. 

I know everyone thinks I am perfect, but inside I am broken and malformed. I long for the perfection others bestow on me, but it is a childish masquerade and I intend to shatter the facade.
Honor, glory and fame are my birthright. But, I do not want any of these things. Those are the truths others have created for me. I only want Arielle, the woman my conceit drove away from me. 

I am Logan Fel'Mekrin, and I will follow my path whether it leads to success or to death.