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Book Trailer for The Chaos Of Souls Series
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This is a short story about some legendary pain-in-the-asses called The Immortals.

They’ve declared their intent to become Yearlings, apprentices to the Elc’atar Blade Masters, now they just need to survive the hazing …

Egos and faces will be smashed, but will it be those of the Immortals or the Elc’atar?

If you like epic fight scenes, snarky dialogue and friendship till the death, then this might be for you.

We hope that you enjoy this short story and we’ll meet you back at The Gates.

You can continue to read more about this crew and so much more. Our recommended reading progression would be The Gates of Golorath, Angels of Perdition, then onto the novella’s, Requiem’s Reach and finally… The Gate of Fang and Thorn.



At the edge of the world stands a gate to another realm. The fallen angels, the Lethen'al, sealed it when they fled the Apostate. It has lain dormant, forgotten for seven thousand years. But the Lethen'al have not been idle in their absence. They have mastered the arts of magic and of war, in preparation for their enemy's return.


Arielle is descended from the founder of the Areth'kon, the martial school. She dreams of becoming a Mala'kar, a Bladeless Master, like her parents before her. But she lived in the shadow of other's expectations for so long, followed the path they set for her without question, and forgotten her own desires. To reclaim who she is, she leaves her former life and lover behind to start anew at the Gates. But her past claims a stake in her future, and refuses to let her go.


Angus is driven by a secret, a failure he is ashamed of. To rectify his disgrace, he is determined to learn the ways of the sword. Forsaking the teachings of the Magi, he arrived at the Gates to train with his father's people. Raised on the heroic tales of the Blademasters, he strives to live by their example. But the Blademasters here are nothing like the stories.


When their squads arrive at the Gates for their final year of military training, Angus and Arielle are drawn together. The truth of who they are has the power to reshape the history and purpose of their people, but it is guarded by royal decree.


Will they be able to handle the truth of who they are? Can the world? Can they contain the magnificent powers they wield or will they destroy everyone in their way?


All the while, a new enemy stirs in the shadows.


Fans of J.R.R Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss and J.K. Rowling will feel right at home in this elaborately layered fantasy world that combines military society with a unique magical system.


Prophecy. Vanishings. Murder.


The Soul Chamber hungers for blood.


One of the squads own has disappeared, and many more have gone missing from the village of Andover. Some blame the reclusive E’ine.


Against protocol, the Immortals reach the lost city of Raqui looking to rescue the victims.


Angus and Arielle, now unified, are more powerful than imagined; perhaps too powerful.


The prophecy foretold long ago plays out in a magical storm of chaos and blood.


The terrible price is more than any of them can bear.

Requiem's Reach by Epic Fantasy Author R.M. Garino

Conspiracy… subterfuge … darkness and death. 

From here we venture forth with our tears unwept. We fight to survive, losing our pieces along the way. Salvation is a high price, that some can’t afford to pay. 

Welcome to where the chaos begins. 

Malachite believes he has found the location of the fabled lost city of Raqui. 

It exists only as shards of mythology, relegated to mad ravings in obscure texts. But he believes this is the safe haven his people seek.

He recruits a small company for the expedition, but death hides amongst their numbers. 

Now, they must survive the fall of their homeland and destroy the Lo’ademn, to align the two realms and open the Gates of Golorath.

Grab your copy now! 

This stand alone novella is a must have companion to the Chaos of Souls Series. Incorporating characters from the main story, this book will enrich and deepen your love for this epic fantasy world.


Could you walk the Halls of Demons and live?

Logan Fel’Mekrin and his cohort must survive three days in the Sur, the realm of darkness; where shrulks hunt them by the smell of their very souls.

They walk the Sur to prove their worth in order to join the elite warriors of their kind, the fabled Elc’atar Guard.

Problem is, Logan was rejected by the love of his life right before his trial. Now his mind is set on not returning from this epic hell.

He encounters unlikely allies while he navigates the bloodthirsty terrain, but he’s not sure if they are real or just a figment of the netherworld.

Logan and his squad mate Cormac sacrifice themselves by holding back hordes of beasts as the others escape safely to their home.

The Gate of Fang and Thorn ominously shuts and they are left behind.

That’s when mayhem, betrayal and death ensue.  

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