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OAG 6 Days Blog-Hop #7 Stop

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Welcome to the #7 stop of the 6 days OAG blog-hop

Visit every blog that participates in this fun blog-hop and collect 12 words (hidden in the text of the posts between 6 asterisks.

If you visit every blog on the list at the end of this post and collect the 12 words, you'll have a quote about writing.

At the last stop enter the correct quote in the CONTEST ENTRY form and you might win the:

Grand prize $30 gift card or one of the 3 smaller prizes: $5 gift card each.

The # 7 secret word is hidden on this page, in the text, between 6 asterisks.


Find the secret word below

So, how do I start? We've never met before. Ummm… how about, Hello.


Oh, damn! Elevators' here.

Greetings, folks. I'm R.M. Garino, author of the Chaos of Souls series. What's the Chaos of Souls series? I'm so glad you asked. I was waiting for an opening to cut through the small talk and get to the reason for the visit.

So, Chaos of Souls is a fantasy series dealing with angels and demons. To be specific, we're dealing with fallen angels and demons. Huge difference between the two; Huge! Brief history, a bunch of angels break the rules and leave Heaven. As punishment, their souls are shattered into millions of tiny fragments, and then rearranged into new, physical bodies. They have a glimmering of what they once were, and believe they left to serve the greater good, but they have no real answers. As a race, they've been alive for millennia. They're called the Lethen'al. They're hunted by the Lo'ademn; these are the demons, and they like to steal bodies, huddle up on in there, and kill as many Lethen'al as they can. Thankfully, most of them are bound and imprisoned.

Now, enter our hero and heroine: Angus and Arielle. There's a whole prophecy about them being True Souls: basically whereas the other Lethen'al are fragments of what they once were, Angus and Arielle are mostly whole. This is where the series actually starts. The first book, The Gates of Golorath, introduces them. Angus is a former Magi apprentice who wants to learn how to fight. Arielle is born to the noble house that runs the martial school, but she wants to carve her own reputation. They are in competing squads at the Gates complex (it’s a fortress that houses the gate between the world of the Lethen'al, and the world of humanity), and are finishing up their final year of training. The problem is, once they see each other, that prophecy starts working, and everyone is swept along.

So far, there are two books to the main series following Angus and Arielle; The Gates of Golorath, and Angels of Perdition. These are full length, epic novels, in the 660 page range. Book 3 is expected out later this year. There is also one novella, Requiem's Reach, out now, with the second novella, The Gates of Fang and Thorn, expected this summer. These smaller books deepen the main story, and enhance the overall experience. The ***books*** are loaded with literary "Easter eggs".


Well. Here's my floor. Nice to meet you folks, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. We would be honored if you kept the Chaos of Souls series in mind when you're looking for your next fantasy addiction.

Available on Amazon and KU.

Rating 4.8 stars.

Phew! I got that all out.

We'll meet you at The Gates ...


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The list of the participating blogs:

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#9 stop May 16

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#11 stop May 17

#12 stop May 17

Thank you for playing with us!

Hop on to the next blog to find the next hidden word!

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Cindy J. Smith
Cindy J. Smith
May 15, 2019

This sounds amazing! So glad it is coming up next on my TBR file!

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